zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Assignment | Game

Assignment: Our assignment is to make a game. My idea is to reanimate chess. It is a version where two or more players can play. The goal is not to bring the king to fall but to fulfill an individual goal. You are allowed to play both colours of playing pawns. The following pictures show different models of the game.

The idea is that the chess board is rotating every turn. Here I tried how you can make it easy to remember which side of the board the one player is suppose to play at. 

The sketch shows how I intend to construct the chess board. It should be easy to transport and to rotate without any pawn falling off.

This version is a spontaneously build up board to be able to actually play it to try out the rules. 

Adding goal-cards and appropriate colour to the provisorical version of ches(s)t.