donderdag 28 februari 2013

Assignment | suggestion of movement


Assignment | typo poster 1.0

Assignment: Pick a typeface you like best, zoom in, analyse its DNA as discussed today and demonstrate to us during our next classes.

In addition, make a poster for this typeface, using its letters only. Next to simply advertising this typeface, the poster should also include information about its origin. Please start off completely analogue: sketch, draw, erase, tweak, play around with pen and paper.

zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Assignment | East and West 1.1

Less touristic, more feeling!

Assignment | 40-second spot 2.0

Here I capture my ideas in photos (later it will be filmed). Which forms will be created mirrowing the sequences? This also helps me to try the screen proportions (1929 x 1080) I will use. Is it a good effect to have it bordered by a circle? 

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Assignment | Animated name in AE

Assignment: animate your name in After Effects as a try-out. 

maandag 18 februari 2013

Free work: class room impression

Assignment | Wat ik (niet) wil 1.0

The assignment: Fill in the piece of paper (wat ik wil/ wat ik niet wil)
To make a documentary I will use this as an orientation. 

My documentary will be about: Stillstand (halt, stagnacy, standstill)

Assignment | East and West 1.0

The assignment: research over world news, eastern and western pattern and colours

Assignment | 40-second spot 1.0

Assignment: make an TV spot for brand given to you.
My brand is GUCCI and my idea contains sensual, sexy, elegant and poetic elements to represent the fashion label in all its main aspects. My inspiration comes from a kaleidoscope. Bits and pieces of colored shapes fall together and separate again.

The 40-second music track has been finished (I leave room for changes to fit the video)

and now I am looking for models and locations for the shoot. This little empty shop (located in the city centre of Enschede) would be perfect - no interior, strong patterns and a floor that reflects.

This squetches show perspective and movements I want to use in my film.

maandag 4 februari 2013

free work: layout flyer voor de dansvereniging 4 happy feet