dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Assigment: Make a booklet using different analogue printing techniques.

My booklet's theme is contrast. Contrasting elements in this book are the colour of the words and the 'cover', the techniques in which the words are printed and the material.

Assigment: Create images by hand in analogue printing techniques. The themes should be night and day or unrecognizable type. Add extra layers to give another meaning to the print.

Assignment: Make three pictures of Paris everyday.
in paris2.mp4 from Nina Hewelt on Vimeo.

Assigment: Construct the ugliest or prettiest woman or man from footage material in Photoshop. Discuss the concept of beauty and ugliness and what is needed to archief that in a designed person. Use your collage, and copy her/him by hand with pencil on paper, by looking, not by tracing. Add two new perspectives. (in total: front, half and 1/4) Now you are allowed to trace. Scan pencil drawings and build up your character, all three perspectives, on different layers in Illustrator. Every 'bone' should be on a different layer. 4) Print your character, cut out the bones and with the help af a tripod, camera, needles and a blue piece of paper, and make the character dance for 30 seconds using stop motion animation technique. Photograph yourself, copying the animated dancing character. This frame by frame filming is called Pixelation. Key yourself into the film, so you are dancing synchronised with your character.
Add music you make in Garage band. 
Dance with character.mp4 from Nina Hewelt on Vimeo.

AssignmentMake a concept that is so strong it indicates the period of a band. Style the band through actual styling or artificially using digital techniques. Note the differences that you have to make in each item. Cover should be strong as a i-tunes tumbnail as well as a poster.
cdcover.mp4 from Nina Hewelt on Vimeo.
Assigment: Imagie your nine colour-word-photograph squares to be a mood board for a message. | My message: Love Accessoires!

Our task was to take the 9 squares as inspiration for a 30-second-film. I decided to focus on the things themselves. Because they are all personal things, I want to give the video an emotional touch. I thought it would be a good idea to make an ad for a shop that sells accessoires where you can't just see, but hear, feel and love the things.  

See here: the result:

Assigment: 1) A model out of foam board (scale 1:50) 2) The model between the models of your fellow students. 3) In an urban or landscape situation. 4) The interior design 5) The model rendered in SketchUp
the great 3D experience.mp4 from Nina Hewelt on Vimeo.

Assigment: Present yourself in a shoebox to make yourself for the rest of the class unforgettable. Make your analogue presentation digital. There we go: ME IN A PICNIC BOX digital presentation (missing: my voice filling the breaks)

maandag 11 juni 2012

Assignment: Draw the things in the classroom from different perspectives.
Assignment: If you could make a protest poster that would be distributed all over the country, what would your protest be against? The poster size is 50 x 70 cm. portrait. Besides black only one (1) other color is allowed, five (5) words in one (1) given type and one (1) scratched illustration.
Assigment: Make an instant large free drawing themed 'i like it but it hurts'.
Assigment: Images generated by hand in analogue printing techniques with themes as 'day', night' and 'unrecognizable type'. Adding extra layers (second color) give meaning or different meaning to the original object. The same techniques are used to create a booklet with images and text.
Assigment: Visualize the highlights of famous periods of the history of arts in a timeline.

dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Assigment: Reder the modelhouse in SketchUp.

zondag 3 juni 2012

The next assignment will be to make a booklet with the printing techniques we got to know. Here my experiments.

One of our next assignments will be to create a CD cover for an imaginary band. I literally created a band and want to use the sketches for the cover. The setting is made from papermarche and artificial grass.